About Our Affiliate Disclosures

So, you want to know about our Affiliate Disclosure.

It’s pretty simple, actually. At SustainableSlice, we only endorse brands and products we’ve personally used and enjoyed, or those that align with our ethical standards.

And we have some pretty strict standards – as this website was created specifically to educate others about why most traditional products are so bad for you and the planet.

It takes a lot of time to find the most sustainable products out there, as wading through all the greenwashing can be quite the ordeal, unfortunately. In order to fund our content and reviews (which will always be free), we’ve partnered with some of our favorite brands.

When you purchase a product through one of these partnerships, we may earn a small commission in exchange at no extra cost to you.

These commissions cover things that allow our website to exist like:

  • Content production
  • Design and artwork
  • Hosting
  • Software and tools
  • Site maintenance

And that’s it, really. So, thanks for reading and being a mindful consumer – we know how exhausting it can be.