Is Cotton Sustainable? Cotton Fabric & Material Rundown

Updated | July 23, 2023

Jeans made from sustainable cotton drying on a clothesline.

Thanks to the boring, uninspired individuals in charge – we’re all forced to wear clothing.

But making an ethical decision about what we wear is much harder than picking out the clothes we like.

Is cotton fabric, the natural plant fiber woven into your jeans and jorts, a sustainable material?

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Is Hemp Sustainable? Hemp Fabric & Material Rundown

Updated | June 29, 2023

A sustainable hemp leaf wearing pants made of hemp, running about.

How sustainable is hemp, and is this useful crop the future of ethical fashion?

As cannabis legalization wafts mouth-wateringly across the globe, most people are asking different questions.

But it appears that we can now start talking about hemp without causing so many pearls to be unreasonably clutched.

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How Does Mining Impact The Environment?

Updated | July 1, 2023

A small Earth figure thinking about all the ways mining impacts the environment.

Mining is necessary for almost everything we use each day in our modern world.

But extracting minerals can also cause significant harm to the environment and surrounding life – including us.

Are there more sustainable approaches within reach?

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What Would A Global Climate Lockdown Look Like?

Updated | July 23, 2023

A figure protesting for a climate lockdown alongside their peers.

Humanity is rapidly approaching a few concerning tipping points.

As billions struggle to survive, it’s becoming clear we may need some drastic changes, fast.

Could a worldwide climate lockdown offer us a way forward?

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Is Sustainable Agriculture The Future Of Farming?

Updated | July 1, 2023

Fields of crops grown using sustainable agriculture principles, a key part of the climate solution.

Our current farming practices are undeniably unsustainable.

In response to a decline in productivity from overfarming, we’re responding with increased intensity.

And this is something that will inevitably lead to a collapse of our food system if it’s not addressed.

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: What Can Be Done About It?

Updated | July 23, 2023

A giant island of trash in the ocean, representing the Great Pacific garbage patch.

Have you heard about all the garbage in the ocean?

When you first hear about it, you may imagine a giant trash island.

But that’s not really what the Great Pacific garbage patch looks like – and ocean litter ends up in more than just one aquatic landfill.

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How To Start A Garden & Easily Grow Your Own Fresh Produce

Updated | August 31, 2023

A farming picking some apples after learning how to start a garden in their backyard.

So, you want to start a garden.

To most people, learning how to start a garden from scratch sounds like an exhausting ordeal.

And while it does take a bit of planning, gardening rewards you with much more than delicious, fresh produce.

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Backyard Composting: How To Get Started & What To Expect

Updated | August 31, 2023

A backyard composting bin filled with worms and leftover scraps of food.

Composting is almost a lost art as of late.

Luckily, it’s a simple matter to learn the basics of creating rich garden soil without buying fertilizers.

It’s not only rewarding – it’s also a great benefit to the environment and a good way to lead by example.

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Greenwashing Is Everywhere: What Can You Do About It?

Updated | June 6, 2023

A figure washing off a bit of greenwashing from an apple.

Wow, it’s crazy how many companies are going green!

ExxonMobil, Coca Cola, and even McDonald’s are all embracing environmental sustainability.

I guess we no longer have to worry about climate change or ecosystem collapse, right?

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The Pros & Cons Of GMOs: How Are They Best Used?

Updated | July 1, 2023

A figure of GMO corn flexing its enhanced muscles.

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have been a topic of controversy for decades.

It’s reasonable too – as the industry provides many benefits but also tends to skirt ethical lines quite often.

This easily leads to confusion, and many people are still on the fence about GMOs despite their widespread use.

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Is Honey Vegan & How Possible Is Ethical Beekeeping?

Updated | June 14, 2023

A bee figurine holding a jar of honey, questioning whether or not honey is vegan.

Honey is a pretty controversial topic among vegan and ethical consumers.

On one hand, it’s made in surplus and can be harvested with minimal cruelty.

But, honey is also often manufactured with total disregard for bees and the environment.

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