Are Bioplastics The Solution To Our Plastic Crisis?

Updated | November 11, 2023

A plastic bottle sprouting from the ground, representing the bioplastics industry.

The effects of plastic on our environment and our health are becoming undeniable.

Bioplastics are often touted as a sustainable alternative to the growing problem, as the industry expands.

But how likely is it that bioplastic technology can help us begin to chip away at our plastic addiction?

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8 Best Paying Jobs In Energy: Renewable Energy Careers (2024)

Updated | April 25, 2024

A scene showing some of the best paying jobs in energy like solar and wind.

As the transition to renewable energy plays out, new career opportunities are taking shape.

Faced with the challenge of adapting to the impacts of climate change, a need for novel skills has led to the emergence of new, highly-varied jobs in the energy sector.

Of course, we all need a job that pays well and leaves us fulfilled – so which jobs in the power industry could help you reach your sustainable goals?

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What Is Palm Oil & Can It Truly Be Sustainable?

Updated | July 23, 2023

A figure holding some RSPO Certified palm oil next to an oil palm.

Ask your family and friends about palm oil, and you’ll likely get quite a mixed bag of responses in return.

Palm oil is in nearly everything you can buy, and historically has had little oversight when it comes to its environmental impact.

So should you avoid palm oil, and if so, what alternatives exist?

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Is Bamboo Sustainable? Bamboo Fabric & Material Rundown

Updated | July 1, 2023

A figure peeking out from behind a lush bamboo forest, curious about the sustainability of bamboo.

Everyone is obsessed with bamboo, and it seems like it offers us a way to replace nearly everything in our lives with a plant based alternative.

Do these seemingly endless benefits come with a price?

We’re going to take a look into the sustainability of bamboo, as well as any questionable aspects of the industry.

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Climate Change Denial: Why Do Some Deny Global Warming?

Updated | November 3, 2023

A supporter of climate change denial ignoring the raging wildfire behind them.

Do climate skeptics only exist online, or is it a growing issue?

Corporate advertising campaigns bombard us from every angle, and many people lack the fortitude to question them effectively.

So who exactly benefits from this mindset, and why does it hit so close to home for so many of us?

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Eco Brutalism: Is Plant-Based Architecture The Future?

Updated | December 17, 2023

A building showing off the architectural style of eco brutalism.

Eco brutalism is pretty darn aesthetic, for lack of a better word.

Take a step into the virtual world of social media, and you’ll inevitably find yourself scrolling past captivating visuals of brutalist buildings adorned with pockets of lush, overspilling greenery.

But do eco brutalist buildings really accomplish anything positive?

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What Is Deforestation & How Can We Stop It?

Updated | July 23, 2023

Deforestation in action, with a patch of trees being destroyed and animals fleeing the scene.

Even if you live nowhere near a natural forest, they contribute more to your life than you may realize.

These ecosystems may be our most important resource, and the consequences of deforestation affect us all.

But why exactly is it so bad to cut down trees?

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What Is Overfishing & How Does It Impact The Environment?

Updated | July 23, 2023

A scene of overfishing, with large nets catching unsuspecting wildlife.

Things work a little differently at sea – most life is found within animals and microorganisms, not plants.

The ocean may appear alien, but your everyday choices impact how well our planet’s marine ecosystems can adapt to climate change.

Eating seafood comes with a price of out of control overfishing, and our oceans are struggling to keep up.

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Should We Be Eating Bugs & Insect Protein Instead Of Meat?

Updated | July 1, 2023

A person enjoying a bit of insect protein while watching TV and eating bugs out of a bowl.

Insects have always been a source of food for people, all around the world.

Strangely enough, the countries that currently eat the most meat often look down on others who eat insects with disgust.

Insect farming has the potential to solve a growing number of environmental and ethical issues tied up in rearing livestock and growing food for the animals we raise.

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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint The Easy Way: A Simple Guide

Updated | August 31, 2023

A foot surrounded by trash, pollution, and forest fires representing a carbon footprint.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a climate scientist to have heard of a carbon footprint.

When it’s mentioned, it may fill you with feelings of dread or anxiety related to climate change.

The good news is there are ways in which we can reduce our everyday impacts as individuals, families, and communities.

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What Causes Biodiversity Loss & How Does It Impact You?

Updated | July 23, 2023

A figure sweeping away many unique animals, similar to how humans cause biodiversity loss.

Current rates of biodiversity loss threaten all ecosystems on Earth.

Population declines, genetic diversity losses, and the extinction of species reduces the resilience of our corner of the galaxy as a whole.

Is there anything the average person can do to help protect these beautiful species?

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