Is Plastic Recyclable & Does Recycling Actually Help?

Updated | November 11, 2023

A figure pulling their recycling bin behind them, ready for collection.

The fossil fuel industry is scrambling to change its approach.

As the worldwide push to end our reliance on oil and gas energy grows, big plastic is moving in to line the pockets of shareholders.

Can it be true that recyclable plastics offer us a way forward in troubling times?

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The Illegal Wildlife Trade: How Does Poaching Affect Us?

Updated | September 13, 2023

A shopkeeper selling goods obtained from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

The illegal wildlife trade is booming – from ivory carvings and rhino horns in traditional medicine to exotic roadside zoos in rural Louisiana.

But just how common is poaching, and how exactly does it impact the environment?

The truth is, you may be involved without even knowing it.

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What Is Plant Based Meat & Is It Sustainable?

Updated | September 11, 2023

An illustration of a ripe plant based burger sprouting from the ground.

What’s the deal with plant based meat?

Alternative meat companies are stuffing the grocery aisles with all kinds of plant based products – but how do they compare to the real thing?

Like most vegan related industries, the plant based meat scene is a little bit confusing to explore.

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What Is Lab Grown Meat & How Sustainable Is It?

Updated | September 17, 2023

A researcher testing different kinds of lab grown meat.

Change is coming to global meat manufacturing.

Lab grown meat has entered the scene, brought with it a whole host of interesting, debatable questions.

Meat is an integral part of the lives of so many people – so it’s bound to be a bumpy ride before any new technology is truly accepted.

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What Is Coral Bleaching & Can Our Reefs Recover?

Updated | July 15, 2023

A scuba diver exploring a reef suffering from coral bleaching.

Our oceans are heating up, and with heat comes coral bleaching.

Consequences of climate change seem just around the corner, but we still have time to act.

The loss of our coral reefs would not only harm countless species – hundreds of millions of us also depend on them for survival.

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What Is A Sustainable City & How Do They Benefit Us?

Updated | July 16, 2023

A sustainable city supported by renewable energy, surrounded by nature.

Urbanization has produced modern cities defined as monuments to concrete and steel.

Polluted air, sizzling heat islands, uncontrollable floods, and a lack of accessible green space – these are just a few common issues in our cities.

But as our climate continues to change, a future that values the concept of green city living is starting to catch on.

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Why Is Meat Bad For The Environment?

Updated | September 9, 2023

An illustration of various farm animals commonly raised to produce meat.

Most people eat meat, but a majority of us are at least somewhat misinformed about the relationship between meat and climate change.

Regardless of what our ancestors ate, meat consumption today has an enormous impact on our planet.

The good news is, your lifestyle and diet choices can drastically reduce your impact!

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How To Go Vegan: An Info Packed Starter Guide

Updated | June 20, 2023

A satisfied shopper who just learned how to go vegan carrying a bag of groceries.

Are you considering making the switch to a vegan lifestyle?

Going vegan is most likely the single biggest way to reduce your contribution to both animal abuse and environmental destruction.

But big changes to your lifestyle are stressful – which is why I put together this quick starter guide to going vegan.

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Why Are Forests Important & How Can You Help Protect Them?

Updated | June 13, 2023

A forest scene filled with plants and animals, showcasing why forests are important and need to be protected.

For a lot of us, forests represent our fondest memories and distant dreams.

But they’re also an important source of many things we take for granted in our everyday lives.

Understanding how and why forests are being destroyed to meet demand for products is the first step in knowing how you can help.

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Are Zoos Ethical & Do They Help Or Harm Animals?

Updated | July 23, 2023

Wild and captive animals who represent the debate on the ethics of zoos.

Zoos are a frustrating topic for those who care about animals.

They’re considered both hubs of critical wildlife research, as well as abusive prisons for the animals held inside.

Can zoos be ethical, or are they an outdated concept in conservation?

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13 Products & Foods From The Rainforest That May Surprise You

Updated | October 19, 2023

An assortment of different products, ingredients, and foods from the rainforest.

The foods you eat and the products you use all come from somewhere, but where?

Did you know that many of them are actually from the rainforest?

Understanding which products come from the rainforest is an important part of living a sustainable lifestyle.

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