About Our Review Process

We take reviewing products pretty seriously here.

In fact, swapping out products for more sustainable alternatives is why SustainableSlice exists in the first place.

We do publish lots of other content, things like guides on ecology and conservation – but our reviewing process takes up alot of time, and for good reason. So if you’re a sustainability nerd like us, this guide will most likely answer all your questions.

How do we review products?

At SustainableSlice, a majority of the products we endorse, discuss, and review are all products we’ve personally tested. That means we buy, physically use, and test products for an extended period of time before writing a review.

A collection of sustainable products ready to be reviewed.

Most websites you’ll come across never do this – there’s nothing worse than stumbling upon a “sustainable” website filled with articles reviewing greenwashed products that are in no way sustainable. Or, maybe they do review some decent options, but they never test them themselves!

Here’s a quick rundown on the questions that fuel our reviews:

  • What brands and products are the most sustainable and ethical?
  • Do the products have any notable certifications?
  • What are the packaging materials made of?
  • Which ingredients are included?
  • Are the products plastic-free?
  • How fast will the products arrive, and is ordering easy?

You get the idea. Also, is it cat approved?

The most important SustainableSlice team member reviewing products.

The main theme is, of course, avoiding plastic and other harmful or unnecessary ingredients causing widespread environmental and health issues across our planet.

How do we choose brands to support?

Sustainability is still growing, and it would be accurate to say that the industry is still pretty small. With that being said, Amazon is no longer the end-all be-all of online shopping, even if you can find some of our favorite brands on there.

A box of sustainable brands during the review process.

When it comes to which specific brands we endorse – these decisions are backed up by hundreds of hours of research, months and years of testing different brands, and by staying up to date on new releases.

In a nutshell, we support brands that subscribe to sustainable certifications, refuse to rely on plastic, and formulate their products using ingredients that aren’t ecotoxic. The great thing is, these brands can all be found online – sold within sustainable marketplaces which you’ll find sprinkled throughout our reviews.

What certifications really matter?

We also take certifications seriously, although these tend to range wildly depending on the type of product. If you’re ever curious about what certifications a brand may have, you can find it listed underneath all of our product reviews like this:

brand certifications

If there’s nothing listed, it doesn’t mean a product is worse or less valid than others, we just want to make it easy for you to make a choice based on your own personal beliefs.

Certifications support important causes such as veganism and the end of animal cruelty, conserving natural habitats, eliminating or cleaning up plastic – the list goes on and on.

Which types of packaging make the cut?

When it comes to packaging, we’re pretty much allergic to plastic. While not all products are truly plastic-free, we only review products that are making efforts to be 100% free of plastic as soon as possible.

What does that look like, exactly? Here’s an example of some of the packaging we’ve collected over time:

Boxes, shipping materials, and other sustainable materials used for packaging.

As you can see, there’s almost zero plastic anywhere to be found! Just how we like it, and if you’re reading this – you probably prefer it that way too. Materials like paper, cardboard, glass, and metal are largely compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

Plastic, on the other hand, turns into microplastics. And the other great part of supporting sustainable brands is that they often even have recycling schemes, which allow you to send in your used packaging and they’ll reuse it or repurpose it free of charge.

What about plastic-free ingredients?

In addition to packaging materials, what’s inside of your products also matters. Our philosophy is pretty simple:

  • We like plant-based ingredients
  • We dislike animal-based ingredients or animal cruelty
  • We dislike petrochemicals, carcinogens, or endocrine disruptors

Our philosophy allows us to find, test, and review incredibly simple but effective products like this shaving soap bar:

A plastic-free shaving soap bar in a sustainable cardboard box.

In our modern world we’re constantly exposed to micropollutants, many of which aren’t well understood and some of which are known to be carcinogenic and ecotoxic. We want our families and friends to be safe – including our pets.

Not only that, but microplastics and petrochemicals are some of the most common ingredients found in skincare products, household and cleaning solutions, and nearly every other product you can imagine.

Have more questions?

That’s our review process, at least the condensed version.

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